Zhejiang Huangyan Mic Plastic Mould Factory

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Company Introduction

Zhejiang Huangyan Mic Plastic Mould Factory

Year Established:
Main Category:
Mechanical Parts & Fabrication Services > Moulds
Main Products:
injection mould,plastic mould,crate mould,chair mould,mold design
Main Markets:
North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe

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Plastic Table Mould Company Injection Stool Moulding……

USD 1800.00-29000.00 / Set(s)

Plastic Cheap and Big Injection Pallet Mould

USD 1000.00-4900.00 / Set(s)

Injection Dustbin Mould and Garbage Can Mould Produc……

USD 2000.00-7800.00 / Set(s)

Plastic Moulding In Mould Label(IML Mould)Service fo……

USD 2500.00-15000.00 / Set(s)

Plastic Injection Basket Mould with Be Cu

USD 2500.00-4900.00 / Set(s)

Injection Milk Crate Mould Company Beer Crate Mould ……

USD 2222.00-6500.00 / Set(s)

Plastic PP PS PC ABS Mould for Injection Moulding Ma……

USD 35000.00-66000.00 / Set(s)

Plastic Mould Maker in China Injection Moulding Part……

USD 3800.00-5800.00 / Set(s)

Plastic Polystyrene Moulding for Flower Pot

USD 1000.00-3900.00 / Set(s)

Plastic Injection Cap Mould Bottle Caps Moulding Com……

USD 500.00-4900.00 / Set(s)

Plastic Rubber Mould Making Rubber Injection Mouldin……

USD 1000.00-5800.00 / Set(s)

Plastic Moulded Parts for Auto Car Part

USD 2222.00-6500.00 / Set(s)

Plastic Injection Box Mould Manufacturer

USD 2500.00-7800.00 / Set(s)

Plastic Extrusion Blowing Mould Company Bottle Blow ……

USD 400.00-2222.00 / Set(s)

Plastic Injection Commodity Mould for Injection Moul……

USD 3800.00-5900.00 / Set(s)

Plastic Toys Injection Mould Kids Toy Mould Supplier……

USD 2000.00-7900.00 / Set(s)

Plastic Injection Chair Mold Factory in Taizhou

USD 18000.00-29000.00 / Set(s)

Plastic P20 Car Bumper Mould Auto Bumpers Mold Compa……

USD 15000.00-90000.00 / Set(s)

Plastic Injection Mould for Washing Machine and AC P……

USD 1800.00-4900.00 / Set(s)

20 Liters 10L Plastic Oil Tank Fuel Tanks and Gas Ta……

USD Negotiable / Piece(s)

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Zhejiang Huangyan Mic Plastic Mould Factory